How It Works ?

How international package forwarding with Arashyp works?

Arashyp is a community of trusted members helping each other unlock a world of opportunities to shop from anywhere in the world. At Arashyp there are shoppers and hosts. Shoppers need help shopping from abroad to overcome issues with international delivery, hosts are individuals who can provide their address for shopping and help with international package forwarding. You can become a member to shop or register as a host at Arashyp and instantly start shopping the world.

How hosting works at Arashyp? It’s easy to get started with Arashyp. You can join Arashyp for free by following these streamlined steps:

Sign up as a host:

Start by creating your profile page and complete verifications. You’ll fill out a description, and state the additional services you serve. Your profile helps shoppers get a sense of the services you offer. You set the rules for when you are available. We’re here to help. From getting you ready and understanding your responsibilities, we’ve got tools and resources for you.

Shoppers find your listing and pay for your services

You’ll get a message from us about shopper's package and forwarding options selected by the shopper. You can also see the expected package's details on your account dashboard. Pay attention to your shopper's notes. These are important to provide a great service.

Host packages and ship when ready

Hosting packages with Arashyp is easy. Enter package details with a few clicks and your shopper will instantly get a notification indicating their package is ready to ship. How shoppers pay? Arashyp handles all of the payments—you never have to deal with money. Shoppers pay even before you receive their package. How you get paid? You get paid with Paypal. Your payment is automatically sent the first Monday after the package is delivered. Easy. Listing your service on Arashyp is free.

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With Arashyp you aren’t limited by cost and geography anymore. Shop for the items you love from anywhere in the world and benefit from our numerous shipping options.