How It Works ?

How international package forwarding with Arashyp works?

At Arashyp there are shoppers and hosts. Shoppers want to buy and shop abroad to overcome issues with international shipping. Hosts are companies or individuals who provide their address for shopping and help with item consolidation and package forwarding. You can become a member to shop or register as a host at Arashyp and instantly buy any product from around the world. Arashyp also provides you with a list of major retailers in each country where you can shop your favorite items at discounted prices.

What Is the Arashyp Process? It’s easy to get started with Arashyp. You can join Arashyp for free by following these streamlined steps:

Sign up for an address:

The first step is to sign up for a Tax free address — your Arashyp locker.

Choose Your Host:

Arashyp hosts share their spaces in 24+ countries and more than 65 cities. Simply select the country you want to shop from and choose your host to forward your parcel, anywhere anytime around the world.

Complete Package Details

Fill in the parcel details such as weight, dimensions and content and Arashyp will give you an estimation of the shipping cost. This way you will know your shipping costs even before you purchase your item. Consolidate your items from different vendors to save more on your costs and ship at discounted rates.

Start shipping today & Get your local address!

Register and get your local address instantly at Arashyp and start shopping from your favorite shopping brands. Make sure to use your new Arashyp address at check-out page as "Ship to" address mentioning your locker number and get instant notification when your parcel reaches your host's address location.